About us

Our company

MB2 Industries is a subsidiary of an Aerospace Company that has provided engineering, design and manufacturing of seating systems as well other Interior related services for the aircraft industry for over 45 years. MB2 combines our experience of aerospace technology and engineering, with our passion for off-road/racing, to bring you our line of subsonic seating and restraints. Our seats are made in the USA and built entirely in house. We have designed and built quality into every aspect of our seats. We are confident that this quality will be apparent in the appearance, feel, and comfort.

Our Seats

How are our products different from the others being provided in the industry. Our Subsonic 16g line of suspension seats is similar to many in the marketplace. Our frame was designed with a little taller backrest for more support and containment. The lower portion was designed with less containment to allow for the ease of egress. We use quality materials throughout the beneath the cover.